The Old Dairy

It all started when ...

... when we first moved to Mountain View, this space was an old, falling down shed with a concrete apron filled with old fence posts, wire and rubbish.  But still, there was something about its position, facing Gulaga, capturing the winter sun and the beautiful, twilight evenings.

But once it was the heart of Mountain View, the cows brought in from miles around and providing milk to make cheese in the adjacent two cheese making rooms.

So as we started building amenities for The Tent House - Gulaga and The Tent House - Najanuga, we started picturing a whole lot more: creating an opportunity to frame and repurpose this space for anything you can imagine.  When we decided to remove the old, failing concrete and discovered the original flagstones the area truly was transformed.  Upgraded to retain their historical placement, these stones were locally sourced and we're sure have handled a few cows!

The existing undercover area is surprisingly weatherproof and furnished with a rustic charm. The new amenities building enhances the design of The Old Dairy, provides the necessities and frames the area.

Available for events, workshops, group stays, general enjoyment and a whole lot more, this space has an amazing feel and unique beauty.